Turbine Engine

Steve henricks turbine01
Steve henricks turbine3
Steve henricks turbine4
Steve henricks turbine5
Steve henricks turbine6

A personal project I created to demonstrate the use of Substance Tools for Allegorithmic's Substance Designer.
I painted the model using Substance Designer and Substance Painter, and used Substance Tools Panel and Vent Maker, Fastener Tools, and the new Welds Tool to detail the model.
The first video in the series of my detailing process is here https://youtu.be/OOKkZxoskmY?list=PLPBxJGxr6XEFAmEsXWgyBLWrMntrqLN_Y

Substance Tools products created with Allegoritmic's Substance Designer for Substance Designer and Substance Painter, are available in these stores:

GUMROAD: http://gumroad.com/substancetools
SUBSTANCE STORE: http://store.allegorithmic.com/shops/7
CUBEBRUSH: http://cubebrush.co/substancetools
CREATIVE MARKET: http://creativemarket.com/substancetools